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2. Intake Interview

Step two is a phone call to discuss your learner’s needs.


3. Therapy Plan

Step three is building an individualized plan for your learner to start therapy.

About Genesis

Genesis was founded in 2006 to serve the behavioral health needs of our communities providing counseling, testing, and assessment services. With the rapid increase in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder there are limited services available. Genesis Autism Center was launched in 2022 to partner with families to equip and enrich the lives of young learners with ASD by providing best-in-class ABA therapy and diagnostic services.


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3 mos


6 mos.


9 mos


12 mos


ABA Impact


The Genesis Transformation

Personalized ABA Therapy can significantly reduce undesired behaviors such as those related to aggression, elopement, self-injury and property destruction for children who receive 2 to 3 years of comprehensive treatment.

With Genesis, results happen quickly and gain momentum over time.

Reasons to
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Measurable Results

Our therapists track your child's progress daily and adjust plans to get results quickly.

Personalized Therapy

Every case of Autism is different. Every child is unique. Our programs are tailored to individual needs and specific goals.

Improved Thinking

We help your learner develop new neuro-pathways for improved learning, cognition, communication, and social skills.

Improved Learning

Genesis Autism Center has a focus on Happy, Relaxed, and Engaged (HRE) ABA to teach learners. ABA breaks down the learning process into easy steps that will help build comprehension. Repetition will bring mastery of simple and complex tasks that your learner will fully grasp.

Real-life Application

ABA teaches skills in a way where your child’s learning can be applied to everyday life. Skill development goals include social interactions, functional communication, safety skills, independent and executive functioning, motor skills, community integration, and self-regulation.

Stronger Motivation

Our research-based approach brings discovery of the activities your learner enjoys. Our dedicated team of professionals will use these activities to motivate your learner with positive reinforcement.

Empowering Families

With ABA, families are partners in the therapy journey to build skills and reinforce lessons learned. We will equip you with the tools and resources needed to manage behaviors more effectively. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Great Team

The Genesis team is strives for excellence in all we do to provide the best ABA therapy for your learner.

The Genesis Difference

Diagnostic Services on-Site

Our licensed clinical psychologists provide a broad range of testing and assessment services.

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Caring and Compassionate Services Model

We work specifically with your learner’s preferences and needs for improved learning and development. We also allow our clinical team to spend more dedicated time working one-on-one with your child.

Stronger Family Support

We partner with families to equip them with life-application tools and training that make a true difference outside of the counseling office. Our support model offers counseling, groups, Neurofeedback, and other valuable services.

Our Services

ABA therapy service for autism

ABA Therapy

Center-Based ABA therapy allows for children to practice school-readiness, peer play, and social skills throughout their structured schedule.

parent support for autism

Parent Support

Genesis partners with families to equip them to help their young learner thrive.

diagnosis autism


If you don’t have a diagnosis, we can help! Genesis provides comprehensive best-in-class diagnostic services for individuals who may have ASD.

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