The mission of Genesis Autism Center is Enriching & Equipping Lives. This is at the heart of all that we do as we partner with parents, families, and young learners to expand their potential through best-in-class Diagnosis, ABA Therapy, and Parent Support.


Genesis Counseling Center was founded in 2006 by four fantastic therapists who have a passion for people to be all that God created them to be by touching and inspiring lives. As Genesis Counseling Center grew, our testing and assessment services also grew giving us the capability to help assess for and diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Unfortunately, the services available in our communities to serve children with ASD have not kept up with the need. Driven by our desire to help everyone achieve their potential, Genesis Autism Center was founded in 2022 to provide best-in-class autism services for young learners.

Core Values


we care deeply for learners and their families


we serve together as one team


we have a growth mindset and are purpose inspired


we strive for excellence in all that we do