Helping parents & guardians through the journey of an autism diagnosis to a more independent life.

Testing Process


Complete the New Testing Client Forms online and one of our Assessment Care Coordinators will contact you to schedule an appointment.


Step One

Testing Interview
One of our licensed psychologists will meet with you and your learner to get to know you and gather information to help determine the best assessment tools to use, including the ADOS-2, to make an accurate diagnosis. This is the first of three appointments and usually takes about 45 minutes. This appointment can be in person at one of our centers or online.

Step Two


Testing of your learner is completed by one of our trained testing technicians at your second appointment. The ADOS-2 must be performed in person at one of our testing centers. This appointment typically takes two to three hours depending on the number of assessments needed as determined by your psychologist. This will be discussed at your Testing Interview appointment.

Step Three

Your Genesis psychologist will meet with you for a third appointment which typically takes about 45 minutes.  In this session the psychologist will discuss the results of the testing, share the diagnosis, and provide a report summarizing recommendations which may include Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) if your child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  If this is the case, our Genesis Autism Center team will work with you to start the journey of Autism Therapy.

What Tests?

Tests Utilized

Genesis uses the best tests to help accurately assess for ASD. These include the tests required by some insurances to qualify for ABA therapy such as:

  • ADOS-2
  • GARS-3
  • Vineland-3
  • SRS-2


ADOS-2 the Gold Standard

ADOS-2 is the gold standard diagnostic tool used to help assess Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The ADOS-2 looks at the key indicators of Autism such as communication, social interaction, and restricted and repetitive behaviors.



The testing process for ADOS-2 is very natural and play-based. Kids have fun using a variety of toys and activities during the assessment.



Following the assessment, the testing technician completes a scoring process, and the results are summarized and provided to the psychologist for use in the diagnostic determination along with any other assessments completed.

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