What results can I expect from receiving ABA services?

Improved Thinking & Learning: ABA breaks down the learning process into easy steps that will help build comprehension. Repetition will bring mastery of simple and complex tasks that learners will fully grasp.

Real-life Application: ABA teaches skills in a way where children’s learning can be applied to everyday life.

Stronger Motivation: Our research-based approach brings discovery of the activities that each individual child enjoys. Our dedicated team of professionals will use these activities to motivate clients with needed reinforcement.

Empowering Parents & Caregivers: With ABA, parents and caregivers are partners on the therapy journey to reinforce lessons learned. Genesis ABA will equip parents and caregivers with the tools and resources needed to manage behaviors more effectively at home and while out in the community. We realize the challenges of ASD on families and are here for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Measurable Results: The foundational aspect of ABA is data-driven analysis.  We will continually evaluate your child’s progress against their individualized and customized treatment goals to ensure that treatment is effective.  Collected data will inform our therapist’s decisions and help us make any needed adjustments to deliver the best results.  Treatment plans will be evaluated throughout the year, so you can trust that our team of specialists will make the right decisions to deliver the most effective care.